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For those of us who grown somewhat addicted to the easy availability of podcasts within our daily lives, discovering new content that appeals is always of interest. Sometimes we seek shows of an educational nature, other times we simply want to listen to people who are on a similar level talk about things in a laid-back, natural way – it’s entertaining, it makes you feel involved in something, it passes the time, and there’s also often a fair bit to learn as well.

Top Of The Dude Chain is precisely this kind of show. The hosts chat it out for an hour or so, whatever the topic – for the most part there’s a seemingly unplanned nature to the conversations, which means you soon come to appreciate the realness, the honesty, and you know you’re listening in on something authentic and likely a conversation that would be taking place whether you were there or not.

Somewhat Controversial Statements is one of the latest episodes. As the title implies, the team tackles society’s reception of and reaction to statements or comments in the public eye that could be seen as controversial. The lines between what is socially accepted and what is not have seemingly been placed independently, at different points, by various different groups of people. Taking real-time examples or issues from recent months, the dudes at the top of the chain dig deep into the concept of controversy.

Questions like when do we separate the art from the artist come up, as well as numerous recent political incidents and celebrity ‘scandals’, for lack of a better word. They back and forth between points, they offer different opinions and stories, they don’t necessarily always agree – but one thing that’s for certain is that they get you pondering and perhaps even discussing your own thoughts on the matter. They keep the conversation going, which is important, and they do it in a genuine, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, ultimately very real way.

Other recent topics of interest include the disappearing guitar, politics and Kevin Spacey’s movie flops. The hosts keep things well balanced between the personal and the more widely accessible, so nothing’s too overwhelming, nor biased. It’s like hanging out with your friends and putting the world to rights, but also remembering there’s plenty of good stuff to focus on too.

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