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This Is Healing – PODCAST


Melanie Legend hosts the independent podcast This Is Healing, a show designed to help you connect and look at life with a new and enlightened perspective.

The process refers to mental, physical and spiritual healing, seeing each episode delve into a different aspect of healing and a different topic, often with an experienced or knowledgeable guest. The format is presented amidst a quickly uplifting soundscape and a subsequently professional and insightful conversation.

Melanie’s introductions set the scene well, laying out the premise for the podcast and then introducing the topic or the guest in a manner that lets you know you can trust in the space and the information that will follow.

As an example, a recent episode welcomed Lana Marcony to discuss the concept of new world psychology. Things are changing faster than ever, the world around us, the ways we interact and subsequently our behaviors and thought patterns. The conversation digs deep into this and offers a considerate look at consciousness and the ultimate journey towards a greater understanding and sense of being.

Things branch out quickly as the very question of our and other dimensions comes under the spotlight. It’s the sort of topic that will undoubtedly prove fascinating and helpful to those with an existing interest or curiosity with regard to consciousness and personal energy. Leading with an effective balance between personal story-telling and a broader understanding of the topic, Lana brings plenty of awareness and often eye-opening or mind-opening detail to the table, and the host helps edge this in compelling directions with thoughtful, relevant and genuine questions. An authentic and engaging podcast that asks and answers a whole array of different questions related to healing and spiritual health.

Are you operating from the 3rd dimension or the 5th dimension? Join us to answer this question!

Check out all episodes via the Website. Find & follow Melanie Legend on Instagram.

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