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These Fukken Feelings Podcast – Insightful Conversations on the Tumultuous yet Beautiful Spectrum of Human Emotion.


“Tune into ‘These Fukken Feelings Podcast’ for a mesmerizing delve into emotional literacy.”

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Born to explore the complexities of human emotion, These Fukken Feelings Podcast more than delivers on the unfiltered approach implied by its title.

The format is a no-holds-barred conversational outpouring – free-flowing discussions that dig into the intricacies of everything from relationships to anger, love, happiness, melancholy and isolation.

Noting episodes as far back as February, 2021, These Fukken Feelings has rightfully established itself in both style and substance over time, and the result is a uniquely fascinating listen, bringing both professionalism and personality to the forefront of emotional understanding.

There’s a brilliant balance achieved between the various hosts and guests, with personal anecdotes and regular civilian stories running parallel to and also explored in depth by renowned psychologists and even some best selling authors.

“What’s it like to be told by someone you care about that they’re going to put you on the shelf?”

Episode 306, IT’S OK TO BE DIFFICULT is immediately relatable, these uncomfortable reflections on self-misdirection and error prove refreshing – the honesty is captivating, and more than welcomed in a world full of false idols and fake images of life. The brilliantly knowledgeable Tonya Lester is a psychotherapist who delves into the fearlessly revealing insights and experiences of the host in a way that’s genuinely human, informative, interesting, and massively liberating – not least of all for those who’ve struggled to accept their own toxic behaviors or mistakes.

For the deep thinkers, the insomniacs and dreamers – those who value in-depth conversations about life and existence and the world – These Fukken Feelings Podcast is an absolute must. Topics so far range from embracing your inner sensual vixen to resilience and renewal and unveiling the path to happiness – with a personal favourite episode being Jerry Emeka’s compelling description of unraveling the subconscious; a softly-spoken, inspiring and uplifting look at the hidden depths of the self.

In every case, new guests and varied hosts promise a brand new dynamic and consistently shifting perspective that naturally fascinates. These Fukken Feelings Podcast is undoubtedly one worth tuning in for as we approach the peak of all things artificial elsewhere.

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