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The Words Over Ice Show – PODCAST


Ray & Jason host a conversational style podcast The Words Over Ice Show. Episodes tackle numerous different topics in depth and often feature various guests – athletes, authors, professionals, industry personalities, musical artists – opening the floor to individuality and expertise alike, and offering up a quickly engaging, enjoyable listening experience.

A recent episode entitled Ray & Jason Talk Education tackles the current issue of education and the question as to whether or not the school and learning system needs to be completely updated Рre-built in light of recent societal changes and discoveries.

While there’s a laid-back, welcoming and accessible vibe to the discussion, it also feels incredibly informative and lead by a genuine awareness and understanding of the topic at hand. These kinds of issues are never simple – on the contrary, they’re decidedly complex, and there are many layers, intricacies and difficulties under the blanket of education; as well as millions of different families and different types of people. The subject runs deep and the duo seem to address it in a realistic, interesting and notably innovative manner.

Ray and Jason keep the conversation moving at all times, but that isn’t to say they always naturally agree or come at things from the same angle. This is a huge part of what makes their discussions so fascinating. That realism translates into real life – we shouldn’t avoid conversations with those we know will disagree or hold a different opinion, quite the opposite; these are the conversations we need to have more of. The more we listen, the more we know, and the stronger our position to improve and better the situation.

The Words Over Ice Show is brilliantly insightful, leading with actual experience and intelligent, considerate thought patterns. Other topics covered so far range from sport to comedy to finance to cosmology – and everything in between. Unlimited and uninhibited. A pleasure to listen through and I look forward to hearing where else the conversation takes them.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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