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The Upstaging Gentlemen – Chasing Theatrical Dreams (PODCAST)


Nothing like a strong guitar groove to get you instantly hooked into a podcast. Fortunately, the quality and contemplation of the professionally captured, cleverly niche podcast The Upstaging Gentleman more than meets the high bar set by its theme music.

Producers Michael Tennant and Nathan Prince host The Upstaging Gentleman – Chasing Theatrical Dreams, a Podcast devoted to exploring the art of theater and all that comes with it.

For those involved in the industry side of things, this one is an absolute must. But also, for fans of theatre or creative pursuits in general, even those with aspirations to embark upon their own performative journey, there’s a lot to love about this show.

Noting regular episodes spanning back to August of 2022, The Upstaging Gentleman – Chasing Theatrical Dreams has covered a multitude of interesting topics. From the opening discussion of starting your own theatre company, through choosing the right plays, building an audience, popular productions, different directing approaches, and even interviews with renowned figures from the industry, the podcast covers an impressive range of topics, and essentially seeks to leave no stone unturned in the world of theatre.

As a starting point, Episode 19: The Dustin Ceithamer Interview Part 1 leads with an inspiring and informative conversation from a small group of masters of the craft. The hosts lead with genuinely inquisitive questions, and Dustin offers an uninhibited, humble and educational approach to relaying his experiences as a professional actor. Dustin starred in the show Obi Wan, and talks openly about his audition process, developing the character, and the general learning curve of being on the set of a Star Wars shoot.

Other noteworthy episodes include Season Two’s Keyboard Warriors, an entirely different topic and one that promises a striking relevance for just about any contemporary listener. Specifically, Michael and Nathan delve into the issue of angry online rants from actors who were not chosen for a theater cast.

The anonymity of the internet has made this a relentless phenomena in recent years, and it’s fascinating to hear the views of professional directors and producers in terms of witnessing such angry and scornful outbursts from actors who weren’t quite right for the part. Here we get a more comical, laid-back and honest discussion from two friends and industry pros, and the change in dynamic helps really maximise the appeal and reach of The Upstaging Gentleman Podcast.

Nathan Prince is a producer at Legendary Productions, and has been immersed in production, direction, grip, electrics, special effects, acting, singing, dancing and stunts since 1991. He notes credits amidst the likes of Stage Manager for the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts (RBPA), and Former Artistic Producer at LifeHouse Theater.

Michael Tennant is the producer and artistic director at Play With Your Food in Hemet, California, and has published plays like Bad Medicine and The Cursed Bones. The two varied yet conceptually united approaches make for an eye-opening listen in every case, and the combined experience, knowledge, connections and insight consistently delivers a go-to Podcast – one that seeks to both inspire and educate the broader world of theater fanatics.

Stream the Podcast on all major platforms. Find out more via The Upstaging Gentleman Website.

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