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The Unfiltered: No BS Psychology PODCAST


In this age of rapidly-changing social dynamics and uncertainty around jobs, housing, relationships and family, understanding the facts and connecting with people in a pure and honest manner is essential. Enter the aptly-titled, faultlessly-researched and emotively grounded show The Unfiltered: No BS Psychology Podcast.

Hosted by Psychologist, Youth Counselor and Life Coach Nicole Kaplan, The Unfiltered: No BS Psychology PODCAST delves into a multitude of topics with an accessible balance of professional expertise and personal, heartfelt connection and understanding.

Already eighteen episodes deep, this Psychology Podcast has covered a range of themes from love and family to marriage, mental health, meditation, spirituality, jealousy, and even impulsive buying. The psychology behind the marketing game is particularly interesting, and Nicole’s own research and insight in every case presents a relatable, inquisitive approach that’s refreshing in its fusion of realism and wisdom.

“It’s the anticipation of reward, not its fulfillment, that prompts us to take action.”

Episode 17 of the No BS Psychology Podcast digs into Youth, Marriage and Mental Health – A known hot topic across the podcast and media realm, as the younger generations scramble to find connections and answers as to whether a career or a family bring the most fulfillment in life. Nicole explores the cost of living crisis in conjunction with the latest studies on mental health and marriage, and relays the findings in a compact and clear, actionable fashion.

For deep thinkers and hard workers alike, those seeking clarity in the spiritual and physical realms as career-driven individuals with a keen desire to build lasting relationships, The Unfiltered: No BS Psychology Podcast promises to cover the topics that matter in an unbiased, informative and fact-based way. The result is a series of concise, smartly framed thirty-minute episodes, rightfully penned as a safe and sacred space; within which people can talk about life and hopefully improve their own relationships and their resilience in the face of struggle.

In addition to the longer-form psychology content, Nicole Kaplan also delivers powerful sub-five minute recordings like Midday Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief – guided meditation accompanied by deeply soothing ambient music. These brief yet beautiful and imagery-laden sessions present an intoxicating sense of stillness and calm, and reinforce the purpose and authenticity of The Unfiltered: No BS Psychology Podcast.

“Ready to embark on this healing and self-discovery adventure with me? Let’s heal, rebuild, and grow!” – Nicole Kaplan.

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