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The Undivide Project: Changemakers Addition (Podcast)


Inspired by the extreme need for vast environmental change, and as such devoted to starting conversations about everything from sustainability to innovation, community, transformation and climate justice – The Undivide Project Podcast: Changemakers Addition provides genuine insight into both the impact of a struggling environment, and the possibility and power of positive improvements in a multitude of areas.

More than ever before the drive for positive environmental change is not only necessary but essential, and the more we can learn about the choices and changes we can make on both a personal and bigger community level, the better our chances. The Undivide Project delivers precisely that kind of knowledge, insight and understanding. An environmentally focused podcast, with real people and real experiences at its core.

One recent episode featured the Clean Beauty Coach Jacquelyn Rodriguez, who delves into her own story of personal health turmoil as a direct result of environmental and consumer toxicity from working in the beauty industry. It’s an eye-opening and fascinating discussion, and goes on to explore the ways in which Jacquelyn managed to turn her business entirely clean.

Now renowned as a trailblazer in the eco-friendly beauty industry, Jacquelyn’s success depicts an inspiring balance between business-savvy techniques and authentically compassionate roots, and that balance is something that will hopefully inspire many more businesses and individuals in the very near future.

Featuring a handful of episodes already uploaded, with guests equally as interesting and committed to the cause, The Undivide Project Podcast: Changemakers Edition clearly emerges from a place of genuine desire for positive change.

Designed to celebrate and amplify the voices of remarkable individuals, The Undivide Project overall brings a fine unity of storytelling and education, as well as offering solutions for communities in terms of connecting and progressing in line with a brighter tomorrow.

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