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The Tarot Table with Miriam Rachel – No Nonsense Spiritual Podcast


Removing all filler from the process, a no-BS approach to exploring the mystical world of Tarot – The Tarot Table delves into the secrets of the cards and pairs this will spiritual discussions of a refreshingly no-nonsense nature.

Freelance writer Miriam Rachel hosts the deeply thoughtful and welcoming The Tarot Table, a podcast with an instantly likable, approachable format. The show has so far seen Miriam relay a breadth of knowledge and reflections on both Tarot and the parallel highs and lows of life itself.

There’s a familiar and friendly tone to each segment, a certain relatability to Miriam’s personality that quickly transcends the barriers of distance and subject matter, and this in itself allows the content to connect and inspire in a genuine way.

Topics covered so far include in-depth talk on the meanings of various Tarot cards, such as the Stalker Tarot Cards, and most recently how to overcome your fear of and instead embrace the possibilities implied by the Tower Tarot Card.

Episodes of The Tarot Table Podcast are impressively concise, often less than ten minutes in length, meaning there’s plenty to catch up on, and episodes can be streamed whenever you’re out and about or get a spare fraction of an hour to update your knowledge.

Moving forwards, The Tarot Table Podcast will be welcoming a plethora of fascinating guests to be interviewed each week – a process that will lay bare further expert observations and experiences from the world of spiritual readings, mystical wonders, and Tarot at large.

If you’re a fan of the realm and want to know more, want to make the most out of your own readings, or want to better your understanding of the process, subscribe to The Tarot Table on Substack.

Find all episodes of The Tarot Table Podcast on Apple.

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