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The Shane and Brando Show – Comedy Podcast


The Shane and Brando Show is 37 episodes in and counting, and neither Shane nor Brando are showing any signs of losing their sheer joy for and randomness within the podcast.

The duo offer up a comedic dynamic reminiscent of a genuine group of friends – hanging out and debunking the dark of the world with their own unedited array of silliness. Whether it’s late night ramblings or coffee break banter, these conversations make for an easy alternative to the often overly serious nature of a work day or a trivial task that’s been hovering above you. Be it procrastination or accompaniment, The Shane and Brando Show presents a series of authentic conversations, seemingly freestyle – spontaneous and unedited – within which the two friends talk their way through various segments; ranging from real-time experiences through modern life to seemingly arbitrary tidbits.

As far as podcasts go, there’s something enjoyably real about this one – nothing is faked or forced, no-one is trying to be anything other than who they are, and for that you find yourself quite grateful as you let the shows play out. Shane’s voice incidentally reminds me of YouTube’s Your Mate Tom, but that’s a personal observation. At the very least, the show is an easy escape from a mundane reality. At best – it’s a beacon of optimism that encourages you to be carefree and have confidence in your own personality. A nice way to add a layer of colour to your day.

We talk, debate and insult each other through different segments of our show in the hope that whether you agree or disagree with our antics… you’ll at least get a laugh or two.

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