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The Raised By Whoops Fake Radio Show!


Something for the deep thinking creatives to delve into, The Raised By Whoops Fake Radio Show leads with a blissful presentation as it welcomes guests ranging from scientists to musicians, authors, artists, comedians, and – by their own definition – ‘weirdos of every stripe’. Sounds like our kind of Podcast!

Hosted by the thoughtful and inquisitive Andrew Couch, a traveling soul with forty different occupations to his background, alongside Glenn Vanderkloet – an elusive dreamer with a passion for music, books and travel – The Raised By Whoops Podcast emerged out of a sheer fascination with the weird and easily overlooked. It’s a storytelling Podcast at its core, and as such, every episode promises something unexpected, interesting, and easy to escape into or let play as you go about your day.

One recent episode introduces a new collaborative corner of the Podcast, featuring Alexis Angelucci – an equally contemplative individual with a uniquely intriguing take on the phenomenon of dreams. The conversation explores the idea that dreams are under-appreciated aspects of the psyche, offering Jungian dream analysis and also telling the story of two particular dreams; accompanied and wonderfully enhanced by a beautiful musical score.

The new segment intends to proceed by featuring further listeners and strangers narrating their own dreams set to original scores – extending the texture and depth of the experience. For those of us who regularly wake from dreams and wish to return or get a little more time there for clarity and understanding, this one connects immensely well.

Calmly presented and refreshingly taking its time to get into the deeper themes and reflections, The Raised By Whoops Fake Radio Show is the sort of Podcast that creates a welcoming, soothing and inspiring listening space for people of all backgrounds and interests.

Andrew and Glenn have also stated that any and all creative individuals with an interesting story are welcome to get in touch about a potential interview for The Raised By Whoops Fake Radio Show. You can make contact via their Website or follow on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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