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The Public Therapy Podcast – A Refreshing Look at Real Life


The Public Therapy Podcast is a fairly new independent Podcast, hosted by Dallas Natives Chris and Rae. The two of them are newly weds, currently residing in England. Throughout the show’s first five episodes they discuss topics such as marriage, relationships, traveling, current hot topics, pop culture, and a whole lot more – seemingly whatever takes their interest that day, which is a big part of this central air of genuineness that makes the show such a joy to listen in on.

A recent episode, When in Rome! sees the pair reflect on a year of marriage in a loving yet honest and totally relatable way. It’s almost as if the conversation would be exactly like this whether it was being recorded or not – that fly on the wall quality is always appealing, hence the success of reality TV and celebrity-based media. In this case, the realness is all the more interesting because Chris and Rae do, by all accounts, come through as a genuine and – for lack of a better word – fairly ‘normal’ couple. That’s not to say they don’t have their quirks, on the contrary – the podcast is as informative as it is entertaining and even humorous. There’s a simplicity to the whole thing and as the conversation pours through, along with its story-telling and the side-stories that come with that, you grow more relaxed and even begin to feel as if you’re hanging out with a couple of friends.

This level of authenticity and openness is truly quite rare at present, most content we consume online is heavily pre-meditated and edited to how the individual or company wants to appear. In this case, The Public Therapy Podcast just is what it is – a sort of therapy for the listeners and the show’s hosts all at once. Both Chris and Rae introduce themselves with quickly likable personalities, which makes whatever they choose to discuss become an unexpected interest – a pretty strong result that will hopefully keep listeners, perhaps couples in particular, coming back each week to check out what they’re up to. A pleasure to stumble upon and a refreshing look at real life that’s increasingly valuable in today’s society.

Check out the all episodes below or via iTunes. Find & follow The Public Therapy Podcast on Instagram or visit their Website.

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