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The Music Educator Podcast


Already in its second season, The Music Educator Podcast is everything the title promises and then some.

Hosted by Bill Stevens, the podcast works hard to bring listeners innovative and inspiring new content, always professionally catered to improving your understanding of music and the music industry and world in general, always presented in a likable and fairly laid-back, accessible manner; a balance that proves incredibly easy to lose yourself within for a while.

Bill Stevens as a host is about as experienced as music pros can be, having worked within the industry for many years, from numerous angles, and having consistently educated himself during the process – his knowledge and understanding pour through as decidedly informative. More than this though, there’s a certain calming level of confidence and authenticity to his story-telling. He succeeds in balancing that knowledgeable, actionable advice and info, with a generally likable and trustworthy tone and delivery.

Episode Six of Season Two actually digs deep into Bill Stevens’ own backstory and the journey that led him to where he is now – to this level of experience, and to being well-positioned to host such a uniquely beneficial and interesting podcast; one that’s undeniably relevant to perhaps a greater audience than ever right now.

For musicians, artists, independent creatives and producers across the board – anyone with an interest in or passion for music and all that can help you build a career there – this is categorically the right place to be. The Music Educator Podcast leads with a simple concept regarding a complex world, yet makes every effort to bridge that gap and convert the music world – music education, music theory, performance, etc – into something far less intimidating than it can often seem to be.

A genuine pleasure to discover, inspiring listening, and absolutely a show that the vast majority of our readers will find useful and enjoyable.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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