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The Mr. Nobody Podcast


One of 2020’s most fascinating, creative, original and endlessly interesting new podcasts, this one that came about following the devastating loss of a son, and an unquenchable desire to continue communicating, conversing, and connecting.

The Mr. Nobody Podcast is unlike anything else you’ll have listened to of late. It’s also one of the most rewarding, thought-provoking and strangely hypnotic shows currently operating. There’s nothing self-celebratory or pretentious about it, there’s no assumption of authority, no need for filler or volume – unlike the vast majority of new podcasts that are simply jumping on the bandwagon. In many ways, this feels like the inside of an intellectual mind, complete with its unfinished thoughts and fragments of music and layers from the days before.

Backing up a slightly echoed and distant vocal monologue, about the death and disease that’s sweeping the world, with a decidedly upbeat jazz soundscape, the structure immediately intrigues as the podcast starts to play. Mr. Nobody’s tone, his near-whispered manner of detailing his thoughts and reflections, is strangely captivating. It prompts you to turn up the volume, to tune in more intently to this uninhibited, diary-like outpouring of one man’s authentic perspective of reality.

Occasionally unsettling but always immersive, refreshing for its mildly sci-fi-kissed or cinematic set-up. A fine hit of audio production meets with a uniquely intriguing mindset and a brilliantly well-articulated manner of describing the world and the role of the self. It feels like a performance, but somehow you know that it’s not. It’s real.

* * *

“The plague is just taking so many people, and here I am selfishly mourning one…

* * *

Already fifteen episodes deep, this is an easy must if you’re looking for something genuinely new, unique, yet consistently topically relevant and profoundly, undeniably human. A personal favourite discovery from the entire year so far.

Heartbreaking, humorous, humble. This is one of a kind. A winner of a story-teller, touching on topics from drug-use to death, family, loss, religion, birthdays and an uninhibited array of issues and events that appear throughout life; amidst an array of musical backdrops from jazz to experimental trip hop. It almost feels like there should be a series of animations or visuals to accompany it, even a movie.

Despite adopting an anti-escapism stance, the podcast itself makes for a worthy route for temporarily escaping the outside world as and when you need to. Well worth the time it takes to dive in.

Check out all episodes here. Find & follow The Mr. Nobody Podcast on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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