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The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!


The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is pretty much everything the title promises and more. The unmistakable Dwan Bent-Twyford hosts the show and digs deep into all things real estate, but does so in a manner that you’re highly unlikely to stumble upon elsewhere.

Dwan’s approach is to be completely herself, talking freely and with a clear passion for the topic at hand. Episodes see plenty of personal insight, as well as a genuine presentation from a speaker who’s clearly unafraid to be absolutely honest and open with her audience. When it comes to real estate and this kind of business talk, transparency and trust are crucial, and this show makes for a fitting introduction to someone who values and offers both.

A recent episode sees the show’s sense of brightness and optimism kick off with some colourful music and an immediately uplifting sense of positivity that is Dwan’s attitude towards just about everything, difficult or not. Her commitment to dog-walking, regardless of weather, creates an instantly likable quality – the sort that dog lovers will likely connect with from the offset. As things progress, Dwan gets into the details of real estate and explores how to deal with offers and how to act or what options there are if certain situations arise in real estate. The episode takes into account the upcoming dip in the market and tackles the topic of the third and final offer in a bold and uninhibited manner.

For those who work within or are avidly interested in real estate in any shape or form, Dwan’s up front honesty and authenticity is completely refreshing. While her personality leads things in the beginning, her expertise and experience undoubtedly take the wheel later on – both aspects work brilliantly together in making this an easy must if you want to improve your knowledge, your skills, your understanding, or even just have something insightful playing in the backdrop to your day.

Check out all episodes here. Visit the Dwanderful Website for more information.


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