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The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast – Episode 30: Closing Your Short Sale Properly


The one and only Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast returns for its weekly deep-dive into all things real estate. Episode 30, entitled Closing Your Short Sale Properly, takes an honest and applicable look at some of the finer details involved in closing this type of sale in the best possible way.

As always, Dwan hosts with personality and authenticity, her lust for life meets with her extensive experience in the field and makes for an easily relatable go-to for those wishing to improve their skills and knowledge in this area. Spanning just over half an hour, the episode takes its time to welcome the listener, to cover the main topic and to also venture out into various other useful tidbits and aspects that will help up and coming real estate enthusiasts in a number of ways.

There are many seemingly simple changes or routes you can take, in conversation and in terms of the bigger picture, but these are often overlooked by the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the industry. In terms of closing the short sale, Dwan covers everything from contracts to bank letters to making sure the homeowners are out of the house before you close the deal. Dwan’s experience and awareness is second to none, and her manner of expression holds nothing back – that friendly and inclusive approach is what helps this invaluable info settle in all the more strongly throughout episodes.

Don’t let the stress of closing overwhelm you – take a little time to listen through the show; let Dwan guide you through the process in a professional and relevant manner, whilst still keeping the mood light and entertaining at every step.

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