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The Mad Music Asylum: The Indie Spotlight (Podcast)


Even just reading about The Mad Music Asylum and The Indie Spotlight show in particular, it’s easy to see appeal in what’s on offer. Mainstream radio streams limited playlists that do indeed, in many cases, see each day repeating the same small collection of songs. There’s so much music out there that we’re not listening to. There’s so much great music, incredible music, that we’re missing out on.

The Mad Music Asylum is a continuously streaming internet radio station featuring music that has been largely forgotten by commercial radio. The Indie Spotlight is a regular podcast that brings together the host’s favourite independent discoveries from the weeks before. You’re guaranteed to discover something new, and not only that, the show’s host has a refreshingly honest and somewhat nonchalant demeanor about his presentation style, which is, again, something you just don’t get with mainstream radio anymore.

Rob Penland (aka Uncle Duke) plays what he wants to play, and he seeks that out consistently. Rob intentionally searches for new sounds, new bands and artists who have honed their sound and their songwriting skills to a point that impresses, that entertains, and that deserves to be heard. When he finds them, he plays them on the show so that you guys too can revel in and appreciate something fresh.

The show is a joy to listen to, all episodes are introduced by Rob to give things that human touch and to remind you why you tuned in. The most recent playlist is superb, showcasing – for me – a complete collection of easily addictive songs, from bands I hadn’t stumbled upon before. In many cases, a simple song choice from Rob led to a simple Google search from me and, within moments, the band have a brand new fan. The Indie Spotlight and The Mad Music Asylum in general are well worth exploring.

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