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The Lost Tales of Adventuring (PODCAST)


Improv, mythical creatures, comedy, inappropriate shenanigans & role playing at its finest.

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Mitch Stockton hosts the decidedly unpredictable and notably incomparable podcast that is The Lost Tales Of Adventuring. Delving deep into precisely the vast and spontaneous world implied by its title, the podcast sees the host and his friends transported into a medieval fantasy world, to be faced with a series of decisions and turning points that the real world just can’t really prepare them for.

Leading with a fine balance between comedy and fictional turmoil, the show kicks off in the manner that it intends to proceed – thrusting the listener into the centre of this chaotic adventure as much so as the participants on air.

At over forty episodes deep already, the podcast promises a whole new array of moments, problems and outbursts every single week. In many ways, this feels like tuning in to a private role playing event – as if this is exactly what the gang would be doing whether you were listening or not. In addition, the effort and apparent thought the host puts in to laying out the details and intricacies of this fantasy world, the challenges that lie ahead, is more than enough to entertain even the most stubborn of minds.

For those with a natural love for fantasy, sci fi, role play or comedy and fiction as escapism in general, The Lost Tales Of Adventuring is a no-brainer. Balancing that which is simply funny, with that which genuinely provokes you to consider your options and what the right choices might be, the podcast is incredibly original in nature and consistently interesting as the stages of each new adventure pour through.

Far from family friendly, but an easy way to spend an hour – or a fine bit of background noise (or distraction) during your work day. A refreshing touch of realness – real people, real personalities – in amidst a whirlwind of absolute fakery and fun. The Lost Tales Of Adventuring is well worth a listen if the concept intrigues. The group do a fine job of reveling entirely in their roles and their new found surroundings.

Check out all episodes on iTunes. Find & follow host Mitch Stockton on Twitter & Instagram or visit the Third Brand Productions Website.

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