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The Lolo: An adaptive, table top acoustic/electric guitar for the disabled.


Though only at the beginning of their journey – aiming to build a minimum of five different, fully accessible instruments – the LOLO introduces a brand new, adaptive, table-top acoustic/electric guitar as an innovative breakthrough for aspiring musicians with a range of disabilities.

For those who’ve lost dexterity and struggle with hand and arm movements, the LOLO provides a way back to the uplifting embrace of music and creativity.

Fully involved in the research, the creator Brett has been working with doctors and students across the board, aiming to come up with the best way to make the guitar widely accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible. They’ve looked at the effect of playing on users’ mobility and morale alike, in order to build something that’s easy to handle, durable, with great sound and a lasting appeal.

There’s a huge potential for this type of instrument in patient therapy, and though the research is still ongoing, backing the product on Kickstarter is a brilliant way to get involved and show support. Funds raised will go towards building five more guitars with varying designs so as to reach as many people and cover as many difficulties as possible.

Originally designed for an elder family member, this is genuinely a from-the-heart product with the potential to change and improve the lives of thousands of musicians.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter.

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