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The Light of Sirio – Spiritual Podcast | Beyond Words


Introducing a Spiritual Podcast devoted to relaying the keys to enlightenment and connection in life, The Light Of Sirio presents a unique format of interviews between the host Dori Fary and Master Sirio.

Master Sirio is a unique Western Master of Surat Shabd Yoga or Sant Mat. He teaches and actively practices this spiritual pathway with knowledge not purely theoretical, but rooted amidst several decades of personal experience and devotion.

With teachings rooted in Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Awakening, The Light Of Sirio shares a plethora of disciplines and ideas that can help any and all listeners find true meaning and value in their everyday life.

Kirpal Singh, Master Sirio, Ajaib Singh.

Celebrating the universal benefits of meditation, yoga and spiritual discourse, The Light Of Sirio is a non-profit podcast devoted to sharing a sense of self-worth, connection and peace within the modern world.

From Yoga Meditation to Enlightenment, Holy Initiation, Truth, God, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening and Guidance, The Light Of Sirio Podcast delves into all aspects of Spirituality, and does so with a careful balance of experienced wisdom and genuine human compassion.

The goal is to connect with and inspire listeners, gift them a sense of joy or the possibility of happiness, by taking the time with each episode to explore a topic and relay the information in a personal, accessible, and calmly uplifting manner.

A recent episode and a worthy introduction to a Spiritual journey that extends its repertoire every two weeks, is Real Spiritual Experience: Initiation into the Inner Light and Sound / Q& A with Master Sirio. The interview format sees our host Dori tackle the themes within by way of inquisitive questions and suggestions, for Master Sirio to then delve into from his position of acquired authenticity and knowledge.

Elsewhere the Spiritual Podcast continues to connect with the likes of Master-Souls: Who is an Enlightened Master? – an episode that answers the question many spiritual thinkers or dreamers may have pondered. This transparency extends throughout episodes like The Unity Of Man, and The Transformation of a Man.

Coming in at just under the one-hour mark in most cases, all episodes of The Light Of Sirio – Spiritual Podcast | Beyond Words are available on Spotify, and consistently present a genuine and relatable view of the higher plains available to all humans.

Backed by organically calming musical frequencies, the quiet and controlled tone of this Spiritual Podcast helps depict precisely the contentment and connection explored in its content.

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