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The Lifeatarian (PODCAST)


Monique Monge hosts the autobiographical deep-dive that is The Lifeatarian – a podcast offering a plethora of personal stories that unite hardship with hope, and realness with unwavering possibility.

Emerging with a clearly professional set-up, complete with a uniquely stylish introduction, 360° of Life delivers a calming soundscape alongside the host’s heartfelt and equally calm story-telling, which proves all at once intimate and accessible for being so notably human.

Monique’s manner of story-telling feels often like a fragment of cinema, moving quickly from easy-going to intense, laying bare her difficult truths in a strangely relatable fashion. A recent episode, the poetically titled The gift was a miracle and the bow was a bandage, delves into her own experiences with love and impending sight-loss united. The story captivates early on, and proceeds to hold attention in a truly inspiring manner. A miraculous and powerful story that’s absolutely worth experiencing.

Monique’s presentation of these life-changing experiences translates in a powerful way. Her smooth and softly spoken delivery of the depths and difficulties of life offers a genuine awakening – reminding listeners of the things that matter, the things that are possible even in the face of adversity, and, most notably, the fact that life is consistently filled with all manner of unexpected beauty.

From losing a loved one to suicide and raising three children with special needs, these stories are fascinating to escape into. The format works perfectly, and the depths Monique is willing to openly go to invite a sense of unity, togetherness, and faith – all of which helps make this one of the most valuable and heart-warming podcasts around.

Though still in its early days, there are ten episodes already available to catch up on. Check out all episodes on iTunes. Find & follow The Lifeatarian on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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