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The Leo x Timo Podcast – Exploring The Ins & Outs of Professional Life


Refreshingly honest content, professional life discussions on topics that matter – French and German duo Leo and Timo broadcast from Zurich, and delve into career advice and working topics like Climbing The Corporate Ladder, Networking, and Gig Economy.

For a great starting point, anyone whose been desperately hitting ‘Apply’ on numerous job opportunities across LinkedIn, Indeed and elsewhere, the episode Is the Cover Letter Dead? explores the matter of what to write in a cover letter, whether to copy and paste, or whether it’s even necessary to write one at all anymore.

The digital world has removed the need for the physical cover letter, but the fact remains that most companies or corporations will want to know that you’ve read the listing properly and are personally well-suited to the role. It’s a way of making yourself stand out, before an employer looks through your CV. Leo and Timo dig into the pros and cons of the cover letter, and do so in a friendly yet clearly experienced, professional manner.

If you’re often wondering what the right move is to take next as a working professional, The Leo x Timo Podcast exists for you.

The dynamic between Leo x Timo plays a huge role in letting this Podcast maintain your attention. The conversation flows freely but with focus, and each host presents a slightly different perspective when laying down the possible choices to make and how these will ultimately impact your approach and reputation in the professional world.

Season One of The Leo x Timo Podcast only started in December, but there are already a dozen episodes to stream through, and the topics are covered in a consistently insightful, interesting, and encouraging fashion. The professional background of both Leo x Timo is clear, but not used as a driving factor. In contrast with many podcasts around today, The Leo x Timo Podcast authentically turns its attention towards its audience – they care about providing value, about helping people, and not simply celebrating their own achievements. That quality shines brightly in every episode. Well-worth a follow.

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