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The Journey Of A Black Elephant (PODCAST)


Creating appeal with a philosophically considerate image and venture, then maintaining it with unquestionable honesty and compassion, The Journey Of A Black Elephant is a podcast focused exclusively on spiritual, mental and physical growth.

Having taken a short hiatus, the show returns in full force with a high level of energy, and promises plenty more sessions to come.

While the host herself encourages self-development through her introductions and monologues alike, and the topics she explores, the podcast also welcomes onboard a variety of guests, from entrepreneurs to spiritual mentors, mental counselors, fitness coaches. The idea is to talk success and balance, positive mindsets, self-belief and determination, and this is precisely what you get in strong supply throughout each new release.

The latest episode talks all things Juneteenth, the very struggle that is returning to a certain type of work or routine after taking several months away from it. The changes that took place during the gap of course include those immense changes that we’ve all witnessed unfolding throughout 2020. This topical relevance helps the host really connect from the offset, taking a genuine, heartfelt and compassionate approach that’s easy to relate to straight away.

There’s a certain air of gratitude and appreciation to the host’s views of recent events, and this in itself is inspiring and comforting to listen to. The show then goes onto bring the focus back to you, the listener, and how you can stay positive and set on progression and growth within your own life.

Other episodes have touched on a plethora of deeper subjects, The Ego vs The Soul being a particularly fascinating, thought-provoking and insightful one to delve into. Topics such as relationships have also been explored in depth, as well as creating your circle, mental health difficulties, resilience, health, self care, and plenty more. In every case, the host’s honesty and openness are incredibly endearing, compelling, and engaging to listen in on.

Undoubtedly one to watch over the coming months and years as the podcast gathers further momentum.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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