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The John Spignesi Band Announce Their Trio Live Album ‘JS3’ (Interview)


Experimentally explosive rockers The John Spignesi Band gear up to launch their highly anticipated new album – a live recording of their show at Ace Tone Productions, from March 27th, 2021.

The event saw the trio celebrate their six year anniversary as a band, and brought to life a multitude of their original songs – including some previously unreleased gems.

The new project, humbly titled JS3, brings through classic indie escapism from the hard-rock outfit, and will be released as FREE to download across all major music platforms.

“If we can take you out of the chaos of the world for even a brief moment, we’ve done our job.”

Emerging complete with a live visual accompaniment of the entire show, the new live album will be available for the full experience over on the band’s Website and YouTube.

The live album features the band’s last performance without their freshly hired keys master Ed Murnane, who will appear on all new releases from here on in.

Showcasing The John Spignesi Band at their very best, lost in the moment and impassioned as only the best indie bands can be, JS3 is a gift to the music world, from an act unafraid to rock out in an uninhibited and captivating fashion.

“It’s just our way of saying thank you for all the support we’ve gotten over the years. Being in an original band isn’t easy, but we’ve been incredibly lucky with the support we’ve gotten from the community over the years.” – John Spignesi

* * *

Hi John, great to catch up with you – how have things been for you and the band since we last spoke? 

So much has changed. We’ve been full steam ahead. We’re actually rehearsing more now than we have in years. It’s very cool to be heading into the practice space to tighten things up and to be really getting down to the nitty gritty.

We also have had the pleasure of hiring our news keys player, Ed Murnane. Ed is a monster player and he has brought a new energy to these tunes. We couldn’t be happier to have him aboard.

Congrats on the new album. Did you plan to release this as a live album when you first recorded the show, and if so – did that affect the way you played? 

I have been kicking around the idea of a live album for years. We record every show and it is always made available to fans, but something about having an official live record under our belts was something I have always desired.

Back in March of this year, things were still really uncertain with COVID. Some of us were vaccinated, and some weren’t, so the odds of us going in and playing a gig (and feeling safe while doing so) were not likely. This was before Ed was hired too and so we had only rehearsed a few times as a trio. Coming into the studio and just playing a gig was such a low-key, stress free thing to do. We actually had more solid material to choose from, so making the decision to cut some tracks was a little tough. Matt Terribile of Ace Tone simply pressed record and off we went for 2.5 hours.

Ironically enough, in 2020 during our Band Anniversary, things were just starting to shut down so we also recorded at Ace Tone Productions in lieu of playing a show, and that’s where the EP three (2020) came from.

What prompted the decision to make the album free to download? 

Things have just been so weird this last year and I just want to give people something to let them know how much we appreciate them. A lot of venues and groups have struggled immensely through the Pandemic, but I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to work with a group of guys who are the literal definition of rolling with the punches. It’s like, “Okay.  That sucks, what we can do now?” There is no giving up, there is no “let’s wait.” They want this project to succeed just as much as I do. They’re more than bandmates, they’re brothers.

How did you come to hire Ed as your new keys player, and what do you think this change in set-up will bring to the dynamic of the band and the sound? 

Matt (Drums) and Ed actually played together years and years ago. Ed was Matt’s first choice, but Matt hadn’t even reached out to him because he thought Ed was too busy to take on a project of this caliber. The two spoke on the prior to his audition about something completely different, and Ed asked Matt to send him some songs.

He came in for an audition and man he just nailed it. I think I had only sent him four or five songs and he just crushed all of those. We even went beyond those four or five and he nailed all the others. Ed is a seasoned player, he listens so well and knows just what to add to layer and to support the sound.  

Will you be using the album as a means of booking more live shows in the coming months? 

Absolutely. I think this live record is a great example of the fun we have when we play. Our shows are full of smiles and contagious positive energy and I hope it comes through on the album.

What might you say to indie bands who are just starting out, to prepare them or inspire them to keep the passion and stay focused? 

There are going to be so many curveballs thrown your way, but you just got to keep going. We’ve found some success over the last year or so, but we’re still hungry and are still chugging onwards. Keep going.

Is there anything else you’d like to say? 

Thank you all for your support. It means more than you’ll ever know.

* * *

Live album out June 4th. Check out The John Spignesi Band via Instagram, Facebook or their Website.

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