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The Jacksons’ Breakfast Club With CJ and Charlie (Community Radio & Podcast) 


Introducing a community station flying the flag high for independent radio – the UK’s own The Jacksons’ Breakfast Club is an easy alternative go-to for music and radio fans across the realm.

Broadcasting live on Sunday mornings, The Jacksons’ Breakfast Club with CJ and Charlie brings a celebration of only the best music, interesting topics and good vibes each and every week.

Coming in at three hours of devoted listening time, The Jacksons’ Breakfast Club Radio Show promises to lighten the mood and connect in the way that original local radio once did – their authenticity as hosts and music fans unites across a plain of uninhibited laughter, entertainment and intriguing insights.

Host CJ takes to educating Charlie on a plethora of different topics, as well as starting up discussions on the ‘Facts Of Life’ – a segment loaded with fascinating tidbits about life and the world we share. Listeners can also test their knowledge on a weekly basis, with an ever-evolving quiz that will no doubt get the mind working in ways you couldn’t predict.

Offering a fine balance of charisma, charm, character and realness, CJ and Charlie make for a captivating radio duo to let talk you through your Sunday mornings – or indeed whenever you get the chance to check in with each episode over on Mixcloud.

Lift your mood with classic tunes from power ballads to pop and rock gems, and let the free-flowing personalities of CJ and Charlie take the edge off a chaotic week.

Find The Jacksons’ Breakfast Club live at or find them on Facebook & Instagram (CJ / Charlie)

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