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The Heart of the Story – Bellson Beats/The World’s Best Drummers


Episode 10 of Gary Metivier’s uniquely engaging podcast The Heart Of The Story welcomes into the discussion one of our generation’s most prolific and impactful drummers, Louie Bellson.

From story-telling to inspiring reflections on the self and the journey of a life-long musician, the episode proves all at once fascinating, entertaining, and notably motivational – a fine introduction to the podcast in general as Metivier adopts a similarly interesting format throughout his recorded shows.

Coming in at just under the fifteen-minute mark, there’s absolutely no filler in these episodes. The topic is chosen, researched and prepared in a thorough fashion, and edited down to the bare essentials for a captivating, refreshing listen that far transcends the vast majority of indie podcasts around right now.

Complete with its own impressive and well-placed drum solo from Josh Duffee, this recent episode is a must for indie musicians and music fans alike.

In other episodes, Gary Metivier delivers equally well-researched and insightful discussions, from the Virtual Concerts that have swept the music world amidst the current health crisis, to story-telling from across the sports, cooking and military worlds – to mention just a few.

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