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The Goddess Vibration Podcast, with Tiarra Earls & Ali O’Shea


“They may get cancelled, but so what? The stories are authentic, the advice is useful, and the rabbit hole is deep!”

Navigating your own healing journey, unboxing issues of darkness and difficulty in a world full of mystery and struggle – The Goddess Vibration Podcast sees two best friends embarking on completely unique journeys of self-discovery. In the process, it delivers a valuable sense of unity and understanding, which helps listeners take the edge off of modern life and the existential doom that occasionally creeps through.

Adopting a welcomed meeting between personal anecdotes, literal examples or stories, and more vastly profound ponderings on the meaning of life, The Goddess Vibration Podcast offers an unedited and authentic series of discussions regarding both the depths of the soul and the day-to-day turmoil that rains down on the surface of contemporary life.

Since its inception in July of 2023, The Goddess Vibration has captured a unique side of the self-improvement realm, finding its flow in both consistency and confidence as a go-to podcast. The openness and realism of Tiarra Earls Haas and Ali O’Shea combined makes for an accessible, insightful but also welcoming approach, and thus achieves a fine balance between knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

Episodes range from intimate discussions on Ego, Freewill, and The Mandela Effect, to bigger all-encompassing topics like Spirituality, Humanity, and the Universe at large. Regarding Ego, the most recent episode Ego Imprisonment delves into the ways in which our own Ego can hold us captive. Hosts Tiarra and Ali relay equal parts research and self-reflection, to uncover the impact of belief systems and our individual view of the self, and the result is a fascinating conversation that’s both inspiring and eye-opening in terms of its relatability and possibility combined.

No theme is out of reach for The Goddess Vibration Podcast, the hosts seek to embrace, enlighten, and entertain their listeners, and so seek out a strong sense of equilibrium amidst the likes of humour, divinity, and controversy.

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