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The Ghoul Club – Paranormal Stories Podcast


The Ghoul Club – for the weirdest people on the planet?? Best friends Kyle and Jennie approach the two-year anniversary of their Paranormal Stories Podcast, and there’s no better time to let yourself get wrapped up, distracted by and immersed in the show.

The UK-based duo freestyle their way through their own backgrounds and the creepy stories that first infatuated them, whilst also presenting a clearly well-researched deep-dive into some of the most terrifying and unsolved paranormal mysteries of our time.

Historical context and personal anecdote intertwine, for a deeply personal, ‘put the world to rights’ kind of exploration of issues that are, quite frankly, not given enough attention. How can we just go on with our daily lives when there are terrors, horrors and histories with no solid or logical explanations behind them?!

Currently 83 episodes deep and with basically its own universe of spooky stories waiting to enthrall you, The Ghoul Club emerges from a clear fascination for the paranormal, and equally from the position of two close friends simply sharing an unfiltered back and forth. Episodes are anywhere between thirty minutes and 1.5 hours, and the format is conversational intertwined with storytelling and plenty of pauses for reflection.

Launched in 2022, my recommendation is to start way back at the beginning to get an easy grasp of the dynamic between Kyle and Jennie; and indeed to delve into some of the most interesting and haunting tales that first inspired the inception of The Ghoul Club. The hosts are self-defined as obsessed with ghosts, and this brings a genuinely appealing discussion style that allows the details of each story to pour through with a heavy sense of unsettling possibility.

Sift through dozens of episodes at your discretion, chose from the seasonal and spooky to the outright petrifying, and find what comfort you can in the laid-back conversational embrace of Kyle and Jennie.

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