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The Ghostie Girl Podcast


Introducing a brand new podcast with an impressive presentation and a refreshingly original, concise approach to exploring spooky and unsettling topics. The Ghostie Girl Podcast intertwines the paranormal with factual research and interesting historical context, and as such makes for a serious and detailed alternative to much other content of this nature.

Our host, Jersey Shore native Ash, a storyteller whom herself grew up in a haunted house, unsurprisingly has been fascinated by the paranormal since her childhood days. This infatuation for the unknown meets with an unquenchable curiosity and a degree in Communications in Audio and Media Production and Psychology; making Ash the perfect guide to captivate and enthral listeners with The Ghostie Girl Podcast.

Straight to the point and intriguing yet simple in style, The Ghostie Girl Podcast is currently only three episodes deep, but already feels like a well-established go-to for the many who crave the dusty details of eerie stories from history and the modern world.

As an empath, clairsentient and paranormal investigator, Ash of The Ghostie Girl Podcast brings an unusual perspective and research background to this niche, and as such fuses the intricacies of storytelling with informed and insightful truths from various cultural and societal corners of the world. The latest episode What Is Energy? marks a superb example of this unrivaled combination of traits, and manages to lure you in but also keep you fascinated as the subject is thoroughly explored.

The whole thing is deeply provocative, inspiring further contemplation and perhaps even your own research, and this helps strengthen the appeal of The Ghostie Girl Podcast all the more so.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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