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The Free Will / Kryaman Karma: The Light Of Sirio PODCAST


What is free will? Does free will truly exist? What is kryaman karma and where does karma come from? Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast explores the answers to these questions through another insightful Q&A with Master Sirio.

The inner spiritual journey of the soul, the waking world and spiritual liberation – deeper topics of humanity that intrigue almost all of us at some time or another. These talks with a realized Master on Life, Love and Spirituality help you feel inspired, comforted, and able to connect with your own spirituality, and increase your understanding of the self and your role within this world.

Beginning with an imagery-laden, metaphorical and literal reading from host Dori, The Free Will episode of The Light Of Sirio Podcast presents a sense of self-awareness and conscious contemplation of both darkness and light along the decision-making process of life. This opening segment brings versatility in the podcast, laying bare the interest of today’s topic, before presenting questions to Master Sirio.

Master Sirio returns to his youth in discussing the comfort of understanding; and the confusion of not yet knowing the right path. The talk moves from genetics to cultural teachings, family and parents, our inert and learned sense of self, and the impact of our undeniable heritage. These personal revelations help further bridge the gap between the Master and his audience, and lay a foundation that’s relatable, before proceeding into actionable ideas and reflections.

Inspiring listeners to seek self-development and achieve things in life, by way of a clear understanding of the reality of self, Free Will, God, and the soul, the conversation is not binary in its relaying of facts or answers, but instead realistic – speaking from experience and personal anecdotes, suggesting possibilities and the likely outcome of both open-minded and limiting perspectives.

Master Sirio reflects that in this physical plane we are confined in time and space. “There is a point in space where I am, and there is a time. But when we withdraw from this physical dimension, we go into the spiritual dimension, and there is no time and no space – we can move anywhere we want in the universe, and we can move to any point in time; past, now, and future….”

“From that point of view, everything has already been done; everything has already happened. It’s all an illusion. We have to get out of duality and snap into unity – then we are free.”

Understanding the illusions of life and the power of free will is key to enlightenment, and Dori’s questions direct this conversation with Master Sirio towards creation, belief, and potential.

The Wheel Of Life series is awakening and uplifting in its exploration of the meaning of life, the various life forms, and the new souls continuously created in this world. Forgiveness and progression are central aspects of The Free Will episode, and as ever the calming pace and meditative ambiance helps the information and prospects settle in with ease.

“God wants to see himself manifested, so that he can watch this play going on, because it’s amusing for him.”

Listeners can expect to learn many keys to enlightenment and a brighter sense of self and focus, and can even send in their own questions for Master Sirio to answer by emailing

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