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The Combat Divas Podcast


Tonnisha B and TG join forces to host the unique and original Combat Divas Podcast. The show’s title can be taken at face value in this case – the two female Combat Veterans make their way through various topics relating to their experiences in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and indeed in their daily life experiences; utilizing both realness and humor to maintain a healthy balance between intensity and optimism.

To hear the hosts discussing the deeper topics in life is both inspiring and quickly entertaining. The first few minutes of Vulnerability Is Strength offer enough to captivate and keep you engaged in the discussion right through to the end.

Tonnisha B and TG are equally likable, confidently honest in their conversational style – so much so that it feels as if this is a genuine chat that would be taking place whether you were listening or not. That fly on the wall authenticity is rare, and in this case it comes with a hearty dose of uplifting positivity and understanding. There’s something refreshingly real about the issues they tackle and the thoughtful, heartfelt way in which they do so.

The duo’s perspectives vary but their ideas offer depth of thought and subsequently prompt you to consider things with a little more intention and purpose. This podcast presents a unique insight into life during and following combat, but more than this – it presents a series of talks that deal with the common yet often overwhelming issues so many people face in daily life. The show is immediately welcoming and works hard to create a sense of togetherness and unity.

As a listener, there’s something deeply calming about the way The Combat Divas Podcast addresses the real world. A pleasure to stumble upon, and there are already eighteen episodes up online – with topics ranging from life as a female in the army, to PTSD, relationships, sex, and much more.

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