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The Blueprint Of A Side Hustler – PODCAST


The Blueprint Of A Side Hustler is an independent podcast that offers quite precisely what the title implies. Host Jesse, the money maker, offers up his first-hand experiences and insight regarding building an audience and continuing to push forwards through even the toughest of times.

While the vast majority of business or success-themed podcasts speak from the perspective of someone who’s already been there for some time, this show presents a refreshing angle – the host is still very much engaged in this journey or this uphill climb towards what he knows to be the future. That confidence and this somewhat humble and real approach makes for a welcomed change and is actually wonderfully inviting and welcoming of a wider audience – i.e. those who can sometimes feel completely detached or irrelevant in the face of those who talk about struggle from a much higher or holier-than-thou position.

Episode four, as an example, talks about failure and society’s fear of it. Jesse talks about financial freedom and the necessary climb through various failures in order to get there. His openness is fairly unique right now, and that makes this all the more endearing yet still motivational for the side-hustlers looking to get ahead.

Though the audio-quality features a couple of bumps in the road, the host’s tone and his thoughtful way of addressing these topics is calming and inspiring to listen to. In addition, rather than simply tackling broad concepts such as failure and success, Jesse also offers up detailed accounts of how to build your business or your side hustle – he gives out literal, actionable information for those who are new to online marketing or social media, and this kind of knowledge is invaluable. There’s plenty to learn, and plenty of honesty to appreciate and connect with.

Just because you fail at something, doesn’t mean it’s over. 

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