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The Bearded Beast Show – PODCAST


Uniquely designed to dig deep into entrepreneurship, self-development and self-defense alike, Bill McDonald hosts the brilliantly energizing and passionate indie podcast that is The Bearded Beast Show.

If you’re new to the show, What Do You Expect to Happen? rightfully makes for the perfect starting point. Bill McDonald’s enthusiasm and experience fuse in a quickly engaging and addictive manner, meaning that even the opening moments appeal for their outright, no-holds-barred declaration of truth.

Bill holds close to this realness and purity throughout the show. He talks on topics well-discussed, sure, but he does so from the perspective of someone with a clear understanding of life and what it really takes to win and to be someone you’re proud of. He refuses to sugar-coat anything – this journey will be hard, and most will fail, but these are the building blocks and tools that will help you if you genuinely want to achieve great things.

In the same instance, if you’re somewhat on the fence, Bill’s energy and drive really help light a fire and create an inspiring resource – ultimately proving beneficial for those with an overflowing level of ambition but a wash of uncertainty when it comes to taking action. If that’s you – this is where you want to be.

* * *

“The only person responsible for where you are in life is you. You are the only person who controls your fate. You are the only person who is in control of your income.” – Bill McDonald.

* * *

Whether you utilize this show for its motivational properties or its content – likely it will be both – you’re almost certain to walk away knowing that you’re the one who can make things happen.

We’re all guilty of blaming others – blaming the world, society, circumstance, the market, the past – for our failures and our struggles. Bill McDonald – AKA The Bearded Beast – is here to separate the winners from the losers. It’s time to stop blaming others and become accountable. Change your mindset, change your routine, and train yourself – to believe, to get better, to succeed.

From inspiring introductions to actual, actionable advice and tips – The Bearded Beast Show is an incredibly valuable tool that’s well worth subscribing to if you truly, deeply want to better your situation.

* * *

Small wins lead to big wins… Win more days than you lost in the week, and you’ve won the week… Build momentum… Build self belief… ” Bill McDonald.

* * *

Explicit, honest, and unapolagetically to the point – The Bearded Beast Show is everything you need to push you that little bit further to making the right changes. Hard work and reward systems are key. Tune in and see how quickly your mind-set and your output evolve. Kick-start your day in the right kind of way.

Check out all episodes via the Website. Find & follow host Bill McDonald & the show on Facebook & Instagram.

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