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For those of us who like to seek out, discover and support independent artists and bands, The Balcony Podcast makes for a great show to relax to or to have play in the background as you go about your day. In contrast with a lot of independent music shows, the episodes feature a good balance music and chat, so you get to familiarise yourself with the people behind the playlists, and that makes a big difference. A recent episode of the show presented a chat with Scott Patterson. Scott Patterson is widely known for his character “Luke Danes” on the hit series Gilmore Girls, and he now is fronting his own band SmithRadio!

The Balcony Show regularly interviews bands from around the world. Topics covered include songwriting, creativity, and performance, among other things. The conversation flows in a really natural way, almost as if there’s nothing altered for an outside audience at all, which, I believe, makes for the best type of Podcast – those which feel very real, and in this case, those in which you can hear the passion for music in the discussion.

Alongside of the talking, the hour long show comes with an array of music from bands and artists who are working hard and creating new releases just below the mainstream radar. The tracks on this particular episode, as included below, are more than worth embracing. The entire hour is an easy listen, loaded with rock and roll, uplifting rhythms, great songwriting, and as stated – a touch of humanity and realness in the form of the hosts and the interviewee. All of the music on this particular show was new to me, and I’m now a fan of a fair few of the bands behind it all. The Balcony Podcast is a definite recommend, I’ll most certainly be tuning in again.

The Balcony was created to help promote local musicians and artists. Our goal is to give these artists a platform to be heard. – The Balcony, Mission Statement.

You can catch the show on DJC Radio Global on Mondays at 8pm. Find & follow the Balcony show on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud – there’s plenty to catch up with. Visit The Balcony Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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