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Stories Fables Ghostly Tales – PODCAST


Stories Fables Ghostly Tales is a regular podcast that offers quite precisely what the title implies. From old time radio shows to myths, dark truths to mysterious fiction, mental illnesses to ghost encounters, all forms of horror and unsettling story telling – what you’ll find within is an experience to be embarked upon late at night in order to get the full, fear-inducing effect.

The show’s Australian host narrates various stories and tales from around the globe, offering a brand new episode every weekday. From recent episodes, it’s clear that there’s an inherent joy in narrating this kind of content for the presenter, the introductions lay out what will follow within each episode and precede each journey in a way that makes certain to capture your attention. In most if not all cases, these stories are not for the faint hearted, nor are they suitable for a younger audience. For the more mature listener though, Stories Fables Ghostly Tales offers a thoughtful set-up, putting notable effort into each audio clip to paint as clear and haunting a picture as possible before you.

At over 300 episodes deep, Stories Fables Ghostly Tales is almost certain to offer something if not multiple somethings for all fans of the darker genres and weird histories. The episodes are fascinating, fairly terrifying in many cases, but always holding tight to your interest. The host puts everything into presenting these tales in a manner that works – it’s refreshing to hear this kind of authentic, dedicated story-telling in 2018. If you were ever familiar with the likes of the rather legendary Tales From The Crypt, you’ll appreciate the level of detail and drama that comes through with Stories Fables Ghostly Tales.

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