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Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment & Liberation – Light Of Sirio Podcast


Episode 8 of Season 2 of The Light Of Sirio Podcast explores the widely contemplated matter of what precisely is the difference between Spiritual ‘Awakening’, ‘Enlightenment’, and ‘Liberation’.

For those with a keen interest in Spirituality and the Self, these terms will have been thrown around perhaps haphazardly for fear of admitting a lack of understanding. The question of how they differ has likely crossed your mind, and so once again, the Light Of Sirio Podcast host Dori presents the area of concern to Master Sirio, and allows that basic understanding to flourish.

We begin with a look at the description of Spiritual Awakening as being when your perspective of reality shifts distinctly. Usually an experience incites this, not a physical experience, but a sense of an entirely new reality surrounding and embracing you. The very discussion of this explains the process from a personal angle, Master Sirio describing the intoxicating sensations of going through Spiritual Enlightenment, and how it feels to step out into the world afterwards.

The conversation soon shifts to Buddha, his existential awakening, and extends to God and the world at large, before returning to the individual journey – all the while detailing stories, scenes and images that help gain clarity and recognition around the truth.

Master Sirio describes the process of leaving the body, feeling the blessing and bliss of witnessing life from a greater plain, and does so in a way that makes it feel wholly accessible, possible, and relevant to each and every one of us willing to believe.

Dori later asks, ‘if there is no beginning and no end, only an infinite cycle, how can spiritual liberation bring an end to the current perspective and experience?’ Master Sirio’s humility meets with his willingness to understand and consistently improve, as he relays the readings that taught him the true process of existing as part of a never-ending cycle of shared living. We move from the astral plains to the divine to pure spirit, and realize the importance of the self and of truth, even in such a vast and ever-shifting landscape of being.

Master Sirio uses analogy to compare the Master’s experience with that of a singer, requiring the support of a band, a marketing realm, an audience, in order to function and work and achieve the true peaks of their role. He remarks that those who become famous are not necessarily better than others, but have good strategies and a good network and staff supporting them. Once again, the lessons revealed within The Light Of Sirio Podcast are easily relatable for people from any and all walks of life. It’s a refreshing and welcoming approach, which consistently opens the listener’s eyes to the truth and realities of our world.

Finally, the episode asks about consciousness, physical memories and personal connections – will these be retained once we depart the earthly plain. Do we stay connected? Master Sirio promises; “Definitely, we stay connected.” Delve into the episode in full to hear the depths of this comforting and inspiring answer.

Arguably the most informative, honest and engaging Spiritual Podcast around, uniting the intricacies of regular civilian life with the knowledge and experiences of the Spiritual Master, The Light Of Sirio continues to bridge the gaps between the physical and spiritual realms.

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