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Skip the Tutorial – PODCAST


A Weekly Round Table Discussion About Our Favorite Thing…Video Games!

The Skip The Tutorial Podcast is over 50 episodes deep and has undoubtedly found a groove that works and entertains. At the same time, the laid-back nature of the discussions you find there, and the topics they dig into, will quickly appeal to the video game fans out there who revel in precisely this sort of fun.

The hosts really make the show what it is, there’s something immediately likable about their voices and the way they guide the conversations. Bryant Daniels and Todd Fortner lead with clear authenticity and a genuine, shared love for gaming.

A recent episode sees the pair discuss Katana Zero, Marvel Versus Capcom, New Gamestop Policies, Batman Versus TMNT, and the Playstation 5. Mixed in among this, messages from fans of the show introduce unexpected questions that help you build a stronger connection. How much money have you spent on video games over the years is undoubtedly one many of us might ponder with wide eyes.

While the show is far from family friendly, the same is true of the world of video games in general – often categorically so. Again, that realness adds value, and for those who are new to this podcast – let yourself get five minutes into the latest episode and you’ll likely be keen to make your way through the rest of the collection.

Skip The Tutorial has made waves and created a definite community of fans since it began, and it’s clear to see why as you listen through. A pleasure to stumble upon, well-structured and focused but also led by speakers who are genuinely excited about the subject matter at hand. Well worth letting run in the backdrop to your day.

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