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Single Mom Car Chronicles By Victoria Rubio (PODCAST)


Often a sense of realism, authenticity, is a huge part of what makes an independent podcast connect and leave a lasting impression. It’s a rare thing to achieve – most podcasters choose to set things up with an overly professional air; multiple guests, theme music, comedic intros, volume, high energy.

When you come across something genuine, honest and quite pure, it proves thoroughly refreshing, and quickly captivating to listen to. That’s precisely what Life Transformation Coach Victoria Rubio offers with Single Mom Car Chronicles.

The title of this podcast couldn’t be more apt considering the set-up and nature of episodes. Victoria Rubio is literally sitting in her car, recording her thoughts and reflections on life and its lesson, usually into her phone. The intimacy of this alone lays bare a heartfelt and likable tone, a certain warmth, and as her stories and introspective descriptions pour through -things grow to be all the more compelling, eye-opening, and inspiring.

Designed as a Podcast to motivate and uplift single mothers across the board, to harness their natural energy and strength, to overcome obstacles and create actionable plans – and to follow those plans, regardless of the challenges that arise along the way. The idea is to build a life filled with happiness, abundance and success.

Victoria’s understanding of the difficulties involved in life as a single mother – trying to make ends meet and simultaneously build things that matter – helps make this a wholly insightful, confidence-building go-to, whenever there’s time to listen or let these episodes play in the background.

The only issue with the title of this Podcast is that it doesn’t encapsulate the essence of Victoria’s passion, heart and intention. There’s a depth to everything she speaks about, from purpose to self-belief to struggle and onward into optimism. Her realist approach doesn’t dust over the pain or uncertainty, it utilizes these, in order to seek out a brighter, stronger future.

A recent episode entitled Unpacking The Lessons proves a bold and positively influential starting point. There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of! is also a crucial segment that’s likely to hit with impact for the many single mothers out there.

The opinions of others seek to weigh us down, keep us quiet, hidden – regardless of whether they know our unique story, our choices, our mindset, or anything else at all about us. The internet has made this a far heavier burden than ever before. Victoria tackles this in a direct and specific fashion – helping remove that stigma, that ache the stranger’s thoughtless words can bring about.

By the end of the episode, you’re likely to feel a whole lot more capable, less ashamed, and far less alone or isolated. Victoria is creating a community of like-minded, deserving listeners, and there’s a whole lot of value to every Podcast episode that emerges.

* * *

There’s nothing, zero, that you have to be ashamed of…

* * *

At just ten minutes per episode, these tidbits are easy to fit into your day. This calming, confident tone, this somewhat poetic and emotionally intelligent manner of assessing the past, embracing the present, and preparing for the future, is undoubtedly what so many of us need to hear at certain times in our lives.

Believe in better, believe in your ability to climb and succeed and thrive. Absolutely worth the time it takes to listen.

Check out all episodes on Anchor, Breaker Audio, Overcast, Radio Public or Google. Find & follow Victoria Rubio on Facebook & Instagram or visit her Website.

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