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Shoot from the Hip (PODCAST)


A podcast where the sharpest experts address all of the most important topics. Topics like the best snack-foods, life advise from seasoned veterans, and what you should eat on death row. We meticulously avoid reading too much on these topics so we can provide the best expert opinion. So get out your pen and pad to take notes as we shoot from the hip.

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Beginning with the aptly titled Can You Punch Yourself In The Face? The Shoot From The Hip Podcast proceeds to veer off down its own unpredictable pathways, pondering the big (and small) questions in life, in a manner that feels partly reminiscent of college chats and partly like a far more informed, specifically knowledgeable discussion between pros. The balance works well, and the result is a show that’s easily accessible – feeling like a group of friends simply digging deep on world issues – and as funny as it is provocative and thoughtful.

One of the more recent episodes, entitled Dealing With Embarrassment, sees the hosts really find their flow with the podcast, delving into personal stories and playing off of one another in a likable and entertaining way. Their openness again reinforces that accessible and genuine nature, and meanwhile you get a little more insight as to the characters who run things – as well as an opportunity to feel a little less weird when considering your own embarrassing moments from throughout your life.

This is precisely the kind of podcast that’s a simple joy to let play. The hosts take a light-hearted approach to every topic, showcasing occasional depth alongside of consistent humor and a simply calming style of conversation, which, ultimately, reminds you not take the world too seriously.

At around about an hour per episode, sometimes more, this one is an easy way to back up your daily routine and take a little of that weight off your shoulders once in a while. Though often fairly arbitrary in nature, the further into things you get, the stronger that connection and understanding becomes, and so the more the whole set-up and structure of each episode will appeal, comfort, and entertain.

A job well done, an unapologetically authentic and enjoyable new podcast.

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