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Self-Employed Savage, By Cami Moa (PODCAST)


Offering up precisely what the title implies, this new podcast takes a professional deep-dive into all that it takes to step away from the rat-race and immerse yourself in the world of self-employment.

Suitable for both the long-time self-employed and those still just toying with the idea, episodes so far have mostly touched on the reality of starting a business of your own, covering everything from personal drive to assembling the perfect team.

Host Cami Moa has a background in business and accounting, and is a self-defined serial entrepreneur, so her insight comes from direct, first-hand experience, and touches on tried and tested methods as well as the current landscape and personal work situation she finds herself in. This balance between actionable advice and realism helps make this a notably laid-back, refreshing yet consistently valuable new business podcast.

Though still in its early days, Cami’s extensive understanding of the scene, and her positive energy and confidence when hosting, make this a decidedly promising new go-to. In addition, Hailey Brown joins the show as co-host, introducing a welcomed dynamic, an alternative journey and perspective, which adds a plethora of additional value to the whole thing.

For any and all dreamers and hard-workers who want a little more of a look into the realities of self-employment, or – in other words – How to thrive and survive the ugly statistics of small business failure rates – This is the place to be.

Check out all episodes via Anchor or visit the show’s Website.

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