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River Of Suck – You Have To Suck at Something Before You Can Be Good At It (PODCAST)


“You have to suck at something before you can be good at it. River of Suck is real-talk about struggles with confidence, self-doubt and becoming the youest you. Host Andy Reiner and guests ranging from musicians to scientists parse tough questions about maintaining a healthy attitude in the face of impossible obstacles to the tune of bespoke music.”

River Of Suck is probably one of the most enjoyable and easy-going self-help or inspiring independent podcasts around right now. Andy Reiner as a host leads with a clear love for the topic of self-improvement and ambition; persistence, belief in better. Though still in its early days, the podcast has already covered a range of topics, welcoming various guests from different fields and different walks of life, always driving with a sense of hope and possibility that’s uplifting to have fill the room.

A recent episode welcomed musician Jeremy Garrett on-board to talk everything from fiddle-playing and songwriting to existence and the vastness of life itself. Whatever your field or your chosen pathway, there are numerous gems of wisdom scattered throughout this and indeed all of the episodes released so far.

Thanks to the calming, mellow pace of the show, and indeed a few welcomed touches of music, River Of Suck is a total pleasure to listen through – interesting, honest, genuine. Struggle and turmoil are talked about as much as optimism and hard work, always leaning towards continuing to build and get better. The central building blocks for success are indeed passion, belief, work ethic, dedication, and this is something that rings true throughout every area of life and every career choice we each turn towards; something highlighted in consistent and eye-opening ways on River Of Suck.

Jeremy Garrett is a truly inspiring individual, and Reiner’s questions and welcoming tone invite and allow him to really open up during the show. River Of Suck is quickly becoming a personal favourite podcast. An easy one to let play whenever you’re struggling to get things moving or to find a reason to push on. Everybody starts somewhere, and everybody experiences set-backs and unexpected forks in the road. The key is learning how to move through these difficulties and keep on growing. This podcast is perfectly well designed to make that process feel less overwhelming, and to remind you that success is more than within your reach if you just keep working towards it.

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