Emila as an artist seems set to embrace the music world without letting it mold or change her style – there’s an air of determination and freedom to everything about this single, which of course ties in well with the song’s very title and underlying sentiment.

Alt PopPop

Where the experimental aspect has given the piece character and allowed it to stand out, those essential musical building blocks within present a clear knowledge of what works in composition, so there just as many addictive and satisfying riffs and flickers of colour as there are instances of the unexpected. 


The UK’s own Loaneski is a rapper & artist well established as a live performer, now pushing forwards at full speed with his third EP release – the creatively brilliant & lyrically honest Welcome To Babylon. A natural talent, and a project well worth a listen in full.

Big BandHip-Hop

JSPH’s quietly expressive voice has a soothing effect as it pours through, and the lyrics, the concept – all of this leans in a similarly settling direction.