Stealing The Secret kicks off the journey well – starts up the dream, begins the raining down of lights and colors. Darkness and light intertwine, working against and with each other intermittently. The whole thing is well worth experiencing in full. A blissful and provocative collection that takes you somewhere completely new. 


This EP introduces moments of deep house alongside of ambient, dreamlike and cinematic softness. There are stages to each piece, a story-line or string of emotions led to it, and as a listener those feelings and details are conjured up in you as the music plays out.


Doc Jazz offers up the perfect remedy to a world in turmoil with this smooth and soulful new song. Closer To Me presents a calming, classic jazz ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through.


Trey Curling tells the story of the indie artist striving for success throughout his music. This latest single encapsulates that struggle, that journey, and introduces him in a manner that presents a definite sense of identity and impressive levels of dedication and confidence.


Tohi’s single OUT THE BOX creatively brings together the anthem-like rhythm and hook-style of a contemporary hip hop hit, with a notably world-inspired and somewhat tribal backdrop.

Alt PopHip-Hop

Despite the personal nature of the story-line – there’s plenty to connect with; it feels perfectly designed to motivate and energize, to remind any listener that things can and will happen if you keep looking ahead and keep working towards it.


An open and loyal dedication to one of the world’s most well-loved plants, All This Time encapsulates a love for marijuana in everything from the lyrics to the accompanying video.