Chicago rapper and artist Goldy delivers a summer groove fusing colourful production and a calm yet captivating flow. Donald Glover is a single from the superb debut album ORO, and it underlines the mellow but confident wordplay and distinct vocal tone of Goldy in a way that’s easy to vibe to.

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Unmistakable in both image and musicality, The Soapgirls have earned the respect of the scene thanks to their refreshing fusion of hard work, talent, and gratitude. Their efforts have seen them rise up from busking the streets of Cape Town, to performing on South African Idols, to embarking upon a huge US tour.

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Lifelong metal devotees Friday Dies have released a plethora of original music under their name, uniting the muggy haze of grunge with the pace and evolutionary composition of progressive metal – a quality that stands insanely tall for the single Of Wizards and Witches.

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Gospel minister and revivalist Ronke Kuti puts in a deeply impassioned performance for this release, the storyteller and writer brings a fresh sense of optimism and gratitude to Faith-based Gospel music, and presents a song that would no doubt raise the roof beautifully in the live setting.


Introducing a timeless Old School Hip Hop track with a catchy musical backdrop and a passionate set of smooth and captivating bars. DJ Brother MANIAC is a creative entrepreneur who consistently gives back to the community that raised him, and the single and video Dyn-O-Mite marks a fine display of his strengths as an independent artist.

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