The whole thing speaks volumes on behalf of authenticity, passion, and professionalism. And with the new EP fresh on the scene as well, Kris Savage rightfully shows no signs of slowing down.

Hip HopPopRnB

Producer and artist VOFF has crafted a blissfully ambient, melodic and reflective new album, which is perfectly well-catered to accompany late nights and deep thoughts as much so as an easy-going day of calm.

DanceEDMProducerTrip Hop

Striking back with a quicker flow and more poetic intention than ever before, Pegasus’ latest single is a provocative hit of story-telling alongside a dark and hypnotic soundscape.

Hip Hop

Beautifully raspy vocals lead the way through this progressive rock soundscape and emotive lyricism that is Dear Blue. Creatively blending an array of rock influences, from cinematic to punk-pop in the various sections of the set-up, the single pours its longing sense of love and desire into the room with unquestionable and increasing passion. While … Continued

Alt RockCinematicRock

Creatively venturing into territories once explored by the likes of Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim, Ed Golfo delivers a mighty summer anthem of satisfying artistic brilliance with this single.