Boréal features a gorgeous collection of tracks, the sort that appear before you as colourful, expressive works of art, fusing genres & samples, instruments & effects, but more importantly – fusing emotions & moments that really take you by surprise.


Birchwood are doing whatever it was that certain bands were doing a decade or two ago that made them really seem fresh & carefree – unaffected by the industry or the rules or the expectations. 


There’s a touch of underlying sadness, but it’s expressed only by means of a single line – the music is consistently bright & upbeat, the optimism unquestionable, adding to that energizing element & colourful ambiance that keeps you entertained.

RockRock & Roll

The song has been superbly well crafted. Despite the electronic edge of the music, the humanity of the piece is unquestionable. The leading voice has a mellow sense of wondering & passion, carrying the song’s sentiment brilliantly.


It’s great that the music is able to lull you into a comforted state, you can let the good vibes of the sound pour out & be an enjoyable part of your evening. It’s a clever way to get something out there, without having it weigh down too heavily on the listener.