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0101 40.000 Sonnen


Introducing a bold fusion of styles in the form of what the band themselves define as Anti-western, 0101 deliver an addictively catchy, unique and uplifting sound.

Bringing together the talents of guitarist and bassist Stefan Carl and vocalist and producer Dr. Daniel von Rüdiger, 0101 blends the familiar fast-fingers of classic Americana, with a soaring electronic soundscape of distortion, reverb and rhythms, which again feel nostalgic but in an entirely different way.

So ensues the meeting of the retro rave and the age-old country and western duel. Ultimately a high-octane, good vibes floor-filler, but with just enough of an edge in both the organic and ethereal realms to appeal to music fans across the board.

Melody and rhythm guide the way, with fragments of chant-like voice offering an anthemic and equally hypnotic final layer.

Impressively likable, infectious and quite simply a joy to let play at volume. Well-worth checking out.

Find 0101 on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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