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Reece Van Schalkwyk Forgive It All (Official Video)


Pristine visuals and production allow the immediate intimacy of Forgive It All to grip the listener for the long-run.

Reece Van Schalkwyk is the artist, and this new release blends the familiarity of a heartfelt ballad, with the rising power and presence of cinematic rock.

Ultimately accessing a deeply human concept, the art and indeed difficulty of forgiveness and what it truly means to forgive, the song follows a fearlessly vulnerable outpouring of reflections on life and the self.

Decidedly personal by nature, and believable in its raw openness and our singer’s clear connection to the words, the writing also makes sure to maintain a certain vagueness for accessibility – thus bridging the gap, making this feel as if it was written purely for the listener.

Featuring sublime vocals throughout and soaring guitar leads, the soundscape and scenery of Forgive it All build and evolve in unison, captivating with simple familiarity and sheer emotion combined.

The whole thing presents an artistic overall that’s fiercely devoted to its subject matter, and that approach fuses well with the otherwise recognizable mainstream threads of style and melody.

Urgency and passion unite with a warming sense of possibility, as we rise up to consider the implications of not forgiving, and the freedom of actually choosing to forgive – both ourselves, and those around us. Beautifully done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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