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RED ODYSSEY – Audio Horror Series by Denouncer Media


“In an alternate 1983, amid rising Cold War tensions, Cosmonaut Ilia operates the newly-sentient lunar rover Fantom-IX. Together, they uncover a terrifying existential threat in this sci-fi epic offering commentary on Russian-Ukrainian history and AI.”

Introducing an instantly gripping new audio horror series, an outstanding commentary on human history and the fascinating topic of man vs. machine – RED ODYSSEY will captivate and unsettle you from the moment you press play.

Created by Denouncer Media, brilliantly performed, written and set-up, from the characters to the background design, music and dialogue, RED ODYSSEY currently promises two enchanting chapters to lose yourself within.

The audio horror show stars the award-winning PETER WICKS as cosmonaut Ilia Zakharov, alongside ALLISON COSSITT playing his latest lunar rover model. The cast draw you in with ease as they contemplate both the vastness and terror ahead of them and the more poetic intricacies of human existence. That balance is walked beautifully, hauntingly, and sets the foundation well for this audio fiction series.

Taking place during the bubbling conflict between the Soviet Union and America, 1983, Zakhorov and the lunar rover set about exploring the surface of the moon, and in the process uncover secrets that could change the fate of all life on Earth. The East and West stand on the brink of Nuclear War, whilst something far worse lingers in the outskirts of our planet – ‘Something the human race is not ready to greet. Something unknowable. Something malevolent.’

Episode One fascinates and engages, perfectly juxtaposing humor and high-energy with deeply disconcerting implications, delivering faultless performances from all involved – a fine introduction to a horror series that will no doubt leave its concept and presence lingering indefinitely.

Aptly unsettling, realistic by design and as such a story that leaves you gazing at the night sky in a whole new way, RED ODYSSEY seeks and succeeds in entertaining and terrifying. Absolutely worth the time it takes to delve in.

RED ODYSSEY is directed and produced by Ari Rosenthal, written by Carmenn Kocznur – from the original story Fantom IX – and also starts Sarah Golding, Erika Sanderson, James Scully, and Brandon Levine.

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