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Real n Uncomfortable – Pop Culture & Lifestyle Podcast


Exploring the great unknown, stepping outside of the comfort zone – the Real n Uncomfortable Podcast is a no-holds-barred independent podcast that seeks to uncover the secrets that lead to true greatness.

Promising a wealth of topics throughout society and culture, the show is already 24 episodes deep, and recently welcomed the mighty Niko Brim onboard to discuss in depth the journey and mindset that led to the release of his latest album HUES.

Ctez, Eman Musik and Raybandz host the Real n Uncomfortable Podcast, creating an instantly inspiring, welcoming and encouraging dynamic, and asking questions from a place of both respect and genuine intrigue. Their fascination for what allows a person to achieve great things shines brightly, and as such brings out the most interesting and insightful answers in their guests.

A Different Hue delves into Niko Brim’s own values and intentions as an artist, and talks about the sheer energy brought to performances, how important that factor is, and how exactly it came to be such powerful force. The discussion is humble, quietly confident and honest, soon veering off in a way that feels like a genuine conversation between friends – not premeditated or even knowingly recorded, just real-life revelations and truth that’s inspiring and motivational to listen to.

Other highlights that vary from the norm include Episode 18 The Give Back. Here the gang interview Esmy V, to find out about her new documentary, being a teenage mother, and the raw highs and lows of her journey from struggle to success. As ever, the respect between everyone on board is beautiful, and allows for a genuinely humble and fearless conversation, which feels authentic in its presentation of what it takes to work towards true greatness.

No topic is out of reach, but whatever the focus for each episode, Real n Uncomfortable promises to dig in as deeply as possible, to find out what exactly it is that elevates the mediocre into the great.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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