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Random – An Audio Collage (PODCAST)


Never has a Podcast’s title been so delightfully accurate regarding the contents of the show. Even the first minute of each episode of Random seeks to fulfill the very essence of that word. Fragments of music and vocal monologue, as an example, pave the way for Episode 4, followed by some beautifully artistic new music from lesser known yet well-worth discovering artists and bands – Don’t Tell Me and I Hate Your Beard are both stunning; Dave Girtsman has a new fan.

The show’s host has had a lot of fun making this, and that transfers with natural and befuddling elegance to the listener. The episodes are each only around fifteen minutes long, a life-span in which the randomness can evidently go full-throttle and remain at its peak throughout the experience. Rather than this veering off in some unnecessarily quirky direction though, the creator has kept things smoothly connected and ultimately very enjoyable. The music is superb, the audio quality is on point, and all in all these fragmented features make for a great way to pass the time or to fill the silence in the room as you get on with your daily tasks.

Episode four evolves to venture into various spoken word segments, fusing humor and cinematography to fill the spaces between songs, keeping you intrigued and on your toes. Nothing is predictable, not in any way – even if you read through the ‘set-list’ for the show, the words can’t really prepare you for the audio that pours through. Just know that it’s all a joy – a simple go-to for those times when silence is far too loud.

Random is an audio collage of songs, thoughts and sounds. If you enjoy the quirky, silly, or just downright weird, you just may enjoy Random!

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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