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Questionable Answers Show – The Pursuit Of Truth or a Good Lie (PODCAST)


Introducing an accessible and modest yet inquisitively motivated new podcast – a must hear for those who find the intricacies of fact and historical truth to be an unrelenting master in the modern world.

Questionable Answers Show is a laid-back, humorous yet informatively factual, quiz-based indie podcast, which seeks to showcase the smarts of its hosts by way of weekly head-to-heads on a range of topics.

Launched in January of this year, Questionable Answers Show is a brand new yet impressively established podcast with a clearly well-researched and aptly curious driving force behind it. Brian and Todd host the show, relaxed yet confident in their presentation of a variety of topics they choose to explore and split apart.

The debut episode delivers a back and forth on a range of issues relating to history, as well as features a quirky interview with Frosty The Snowman. Once the team found their footing with this introduction, the podcast naturally elevated itself on expertise, intrigue, and competitiveness all united.

The structure tends to present various segments, intentional and concise, not overloaded with filler or banter – unlike many indie podcasts of late. There’s an unexpected humility to the Questionable Answers Show, which makes its an ideal go-to for quiz heads, fact-finders, comedy fans, and the habitually fascinated.

If you’re tuning in at the end of February, Episode 6 takes on 80’s Movies – an era of cinema that the duo argue was the absolute best. As ever, we delve straight into the details, a little background on the hosts’ own interest in the topic, but an otherwise focused forty minute segment, seeing Todd and Brian quiz each other on some of the decade’s most impactful moments. Not to be missed for movie fans and, again, those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

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